Sunday, October 30, 2011

Elegance 12x12 Challenge

This months challenge was Elegance - this got us all scratching our heads, but most of us got there!!!!
 Elegance quilt pattern by Annette de Raat

 An Elegant Peacock made by Antoinette

  An Elegant Fan by Jules Devine

 Sue Weaver's Elegant High Heel

 Annette Stocks' 3D Monarch Butterfly

Claire Vivash's grandmothers doily and old pieces of jewelery

Dragica Behrent's beautiful lady with amazing beadwork.
This post supplied by Annette Stocks.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hand Applique Workshop

On Saturday, 11 WQC members gathered at Kelston to learn needleturn applique
with one of our own members, Tracey Roberts.  
What a great day it was with Tracey sharing her vast knowledge on fabric, threads,
scissors and needles as well as teaching us the skills to do great
needle turn applique using freezer paper templates on the right side of the fabric.
Tracey is an excellent tutor and made sure we were all keeping up
and so good at sharing her skills as well as helping out with
needle threading and other the other problems we had.
 Dawn smiling for the camera while June is concentrating on her work.
Wendy making her bias strips with Jennifer's help.
 The other June and Dawn sewing and chatting.
Marnie and Jennifer in the front while
Lyn moved closer to the window for the light.
 Elizabeth, Claire and Annette all concentrating on their sewing.
Tracey checking on progress.
Jane and Dawn making bias strips.
 Jean at the back doing her own projects 
while Jennifer and Valerie 
concentrate on their handwork.
Starting to come together.
I know I really enjoyed the day and went home
with the skills to complete one of my flowers.
Thankyou Tracey for a wonderful class.  I know I learnt a lot.
Thanks to Elizabeth for being gofer and keeping us well fed
and thank you to all the ladies who attended and brought lots of yummy food.
It was very relaxing day doing needle work with like minded people.
Photos supplied by Jean and Claire