Sunday, November 18, 2012

CAB window display

This month WQC has a display of the 12x12 Challenges in
the CAB window at Glen Eden.

Thanks to Juliet and Noel for setting up this beautiful display.

One Fabric Quilt with Chris Behersing

On November 10th, 13 members attended the November workshop with
Chris Behersing.

Photos below are supplied by Jean via Judithea.  
 Karen and Sybil
 Dragica and Jules

There are so many lovely blocks.  I can't wait to see the completed quilts from this workshop.

October's Meeting

General Show and Tell
Antoinette with her cute Santa
October's workshop was a UFO day and Jean worked on this.
 this was also from the UFO day.
This is from Juliet's frangipani class

The following photos are from the main part of the meeting.
Instead of a speaker we were invited to bring our first and last quilts
and it was a great success with many members participating.
 I am sorry if I don't put names to all of the quilts.

 Juliet started with her first on the right and recent on the left
 Glenda started with a sampler quilt

 Trudi's sampler quilt
 .and now Kaffe.
 Margaret also did a sampler

 Jean's first
and now 
 and another
 Lynne first
and now
 Sue first
 and now
and now 

 Jillian showed these for Margaret





 and latest
 Sue's first
 and latest

 and some other show and tell from Ku

 As I was busy taking photos, Annette showed mine. (Claire 2005)
 and 2012
 Dragica didn't finish her first quilt

 Jules with an early cat quilt
 and her latest.

This was a really good and interesting night.  Each person had a story and
it was interesting to see how many started on sampler quilts and what they are doing now.
Some started large and others small.