Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August 2014 Meeting

Committee's Challenge - Kiwiana Quilt
 Brenda's Pukeko
 Ria's quilt
 Yetty's traditional quilt
Shirt quilt #13 by Sue
 Craig's flower quilt
Two new Community quilts

July 2014 Meeting

Sorry the blog editor has been a slow on updating the last  meetings.
Committee's Challenge; "Child's I Spy Quilt"
Jean showed the twins I Spy cot quilts
 A special quilt made for Sands Auckland Central. Label below.
 From Clare Smith' Modern Quilt workshop
 Antoinette had altered the rail fence block
 Jean's star blocks
General Show and Tell
 Log Cabin shirt quilt # by Sue
Wendy showed Mystery Row by Row Quilt for Dream Girls
 Mystery quilt for Village Green
Pink Jelly Roll race quilt 
 Margaret's Double Irish Chain Quilt
 Christmas table runner
 Carole's quilt made in Sweet 16 Class

There were 37 quilts handed over to Age Concern

A photo board of last years recipients

Pearl Challenge

The challenge was "Pearl" and to be 12x12.
"In Full Flight' by Yetty

"Pearls of Wisdom #2" by Jean
 "Pearls of Wisdom #1" by Jean
 "I'm Pearl Crazy" by Noeleen
 "Pearlie Thirty" by Juliet
"Under the Sea Pearl" by Judy

The Challenge winner was "I'm Pearl Crazy" by Noeleen.