Sunday, March 8, 2015

CAB window display Glen Eden

WQC has a display at the CAB window in Glen Eden to promote the annual show.
The reflection is bad on these windows so I apologise for the quality of photos.

 Last year's challenge quilts.

February 2015 Meeting

I wasn't at the meeting so thanks go to Juliet for taking the photos.

Committee's Challenge was a 2 colour quilt.

2 Hawaiian applique pieces from Barrie

Juliet's  NANZQ’s Take Two biennial challenge from 2004  

A green and purple/pink sort of rail-fence, and a terracotta/blue one
 in silks inspired by looking at her house roof tiles! 
Sybil’s cream and chocolate quilt which was in last year’s show,
 and Sybil and Jean looking at the nice back of it. 

 From the Rosalie Dace Workshop


General Show and Tell
 Sue's Fifty Shades of Green
 Val is quilt for her daughter incorporating Sweet Sixteen and Celtic work

 and the back also pieced.
Craig's Christmas stocking