Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pot Luck

A workshop with Natalie Murdoch
A total of 13 ladies attended this workshop at Ceramco Park.
 Some of us found it hard to make a truly scrappy block by 
randomly choosing strips.
 Ceramco Park is a big place so there was plenty of room.
Jo preparing to sew her pile of fabric.
 Sybil hard at work.
Claire smiling for the camera.
  Pauline was making her blocks by hand.
Trudy asking Natalie a question and Jennifer cutting some fabric.
 Dawn and Noeline hard at work
 Pauline and Judithea
Lynn, June and Sybil all concentrating hard. 
 Wendy working hard in the kitchen to provide us with steady refreshments.
 June selecting the next strip.
The sewing circle.
Shots of some of the blocks.  
As usual it is always fun to see what everyone else has done.
A combination photo of the day.
Thanks to Natalie Murdoch for a great day and teaching us how to use up old phone books.
Also to Wendy for being gofer and taking photos.