Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fire 12x12 Challenge

This months theme was Fire
This beautiful one was made by Jules Devine

This ones made by Annette de Raat

 This one is the symbol for Fire - made by Annette Stocks
A real winter scene - cat curled up by the Fire - made by Claire Vivash
 This picture doesn't do this block justices - Camp Fire, and the Fire is 3D
 made by Sue Weaver
 So much work in this block by Dragica Behrent
Antoinette has just joined the 12 by 12 group and this is her first block
And here is another first timers block - a Fire Rose made of Silk - well done Jennifer!!!
Well done to all of the makers - next block theme is Elegance.
Thanks to Annette Stocks for supplying this post.

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  1. WOW!! All these 12" x 12" challenge Quilts are just gorgeous! Well Done Ladies!!