Sunday, March 25, 2012

Challenge 2012

This years challenge was a page from a magazine.
The members were given a numbered envelope with a page from a magazine.
Th rules were to make a 3 layered quilt, top, batting and backing within 50 cm square.
Could use the picture or words for inspiration.
The Challenge was judged by Malcolm Angus.
For the winners see the blog entry "Friday 16th"
 We had a record number of entries this year, a total of 21.

 "Second Thoughts" Dragica Behrent
 "A Girls Best Friend" Jules Devine
 "Life is Like a Box of Chocolates" Karen Robertson
 "Angels in My Garden" Margaret Amrein
 "Cold Grey Light of Dawn" Jennifer Gasgoine
 "Papillon (The Butterfly) Kath Webster
 "Gold Koi" Annette de Raat
 "Pick of the Bunch" Dianne Clayton
 "Number 17" Sybil Lightbourne
 "Tiles" Annette Stocks

 "Pathways" Sue Quayle
 "No. 10" Judithea Corr
 "Abandoned Pond" Marnie Simpson
 "Summertime" Sue Hagan
 "Welcome to my Home" Sue Weaver
 "Money Makes the World Go Round" Wendy Oswin
"Branching Out" Annette de Raat

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