Monday, May 21, 2012

Trip Around the World with Ann Herrick

The May workshop was held on the 12th May.
It was great to get the cut out instructions in advance
so we could spend the day sewing.
 Ann's quilt.
 Pat already to start sewing.
All hard at work.
 Claire sewing strips together
 Jo concentrating on her chain piecing
Claire, Carolyn and Noeline sewing and Annette visiting at the back.
 Strips sewn
 Nearly there!
 The 11 strips sewn together.
 Then it was ironing
 More sewing
 Strips were cross cut and put in bag A and B.

 Carolyn cross cutting
 Julie at the cutting mat.
The sewing wasn't quite complete at the end of the day
so Ann demonstrated how to put the blocks together.
Thanks to Ann Herrick for a great day. 

Thankyou to Denise for keeping us fed and watered.
Photos supplied by Jean and Claire

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