Saturday, March 29, 2014

Challenge Quilts 2014

2014 Challenge Quilts

1st Prize -  "Circus Pony" by Antoinette 
2nd Prize  - The Magnificent Big Top" by Juliet 
3rd Prize - "Circus Elephant" by Sue 
Best use of Challenge Fabric & embellishments-  "Circus Cats" by Jules
Other Entries
 "Come One, Come All" by Liz
 "Circus Fun" by Sybil
 "Life is a Circus" by Susan
 "The Best Show in the West" by Grania
 "The Lion Tamer" by Kath
 "Circus" by Barrie
 "Three Ring Circus" by Lynne
"The Juggler-Pierrot" by Marcia

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