Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 "Woodlands Park" Challenge

The Challenge this year was "Woodland Park"
Christine Sharp from Kids Quilts donated fabric and judged the challenge.
Some of the Challenge quilts with the fabric left hand side.
 1st place - Barrie with "Woodlands Park Playground"
 2nd place - Jean with "Me and Friends"
3rd place - Juliet with "Woodland Park Joy"
1st time entrant - Colleen with "My Woodlands Park"
The other entries below
 Judithea with "Industrious Bees"
 Dragica with "Night Owl"
 Joanne with "Wood 'If I Could (See the forest for the trees)"
 Jules with "Hexie Pennants"
Michelle with "Teddy Bears Picnics"

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